Strategies and Competitive Advantages

Main Strategies

  • Offer its customers and non-customers a portfolio of products and services compatible with that made available by other institutions. This measure is aimed at consolidating Banpará as the leading relationship Bank of its captive audience, state civil servants.
  • Expansion of the service network to offer services in municipalities not served by banks, increase banking inclusion in the state and diversify its customer base.
  • Maintain credit granting growth pace above market averages, without disregarding the rigorous risk assessment which has ensured low levels of default.
  • Increase the volume of capital inflow from qualified investors, in order to diversify sources of deposits with institutional capital inflows, with volumes and terms which will ensure the balanced growth of the loan portfolio.

Main Competitive Advantages

  • Maintenance of the relationship with and support of the controlling shareholder: privileged positioning, business originated from government measures.
  • Bank genuinely of the state of Pará. Operations and administrative head office focused on the state ensure the Bank a closer relationship with customers and shareholders and ascertained timing in strategic decision-making.
  • Base of clients with stable income and above the local average. It allows us to grant loans with extended terms, over 100 (one hundred) months, with a low level of risk.
  • Solid capital, allowing room for operational expansion.