Corporate Profile

Banpará is a mixed-capital corporation, organized as a multiple bank, with the purpose of being a modern, self-sustainable bank, committed to the social and economic development of Pará as well as to providing services with excellence, acting with ethics and social responsibility.

Throughout its life, Banpará spared no efforts to offer good quality products and services to its customers and users, who have been increasingly demanding, which is exactly why the Bank invests in training its human resources, loyal employees who are the basis of its success. It also invests in state-of-the-art technology, a key aspect for the consolidation of any company in the financial sector.

In 2018, Banpará achieved net income of R$ 308,324 thousand, an increase of 19% over the previous year, which represents a net profit per share of R$ 32.38. Shareholders‘ Equity reached R$ 1,217,292 thousand, up 19% over the year 2017.

Thus, in 2018, Banpará achieved a return on average equity (ROE) of 27.5%.

Net Income and Shareholders‘ equity

In the year 2018, revenues from financial intermediation totaled R$ 1,622,746 thousand, a growth of 3.7% in relation to the previous year.

Financial intermediation expenses reached R$ 383,721 thousand, a decrease of 14.75% compared to the year 2017.

The result of financial intermediation reached R$ 1,239,025 thousand in 2018, an increase of 11% over the year 2017.

Income from financial Intermediation

Still in 2018, the loan portfolio reached R$ 4,237,604 thousand, an increase of 10.4% in relation to the previous year.

The Commercial Personal Credit portfolio in 2018 reached R $ 4,234 million, surpassing 2.1% in relation to the third quarter of 2018 and an increase of 10.4% compared to 2017.

Payroll loans account for about 73% of the loan portfolio.

In 2018, the delinquency rate of operations over 90 days is 1.86% of the loan portfolio.

Loan Portfolio


Generate value for the state of Pará as a self-sustainable Bank, focusing on social and economic development.


To be recognized as the regional bank which generates the best economic and social results.


  • Profit as a measure of performance.
  • Innovation focusing on results.
  • Transparency.
  • Meritocracy.
  • Social and environmental responsibility.
  • Commitment to customers.

Organizational Structure: