Banpará was created by Law 1,819, of November 30, 1959, in the Moura Carvalho government. Although the Bank was created in 1959, it was only in 1961 that Banpará’s letters patent was approved by the Currency and Credit Superintendence (SUMOC), the bank industry regulating agency at the time.

On October 26, 1961, Banpará began operating in a rented building, at Rua 28 de setembro n.º 276, with 17 employees. In July 1964, Banpará was transferred to its first own headquarters, at Edifício Dias Paes, located at Avenida Presidente Vargas n.º 275.

On February 18, 1966, the Bank inaugurated its first branch in the interior of our state, in the city of Santarém.

On December 12, 1979, it was granted approval to change the name of the Bank from BEP to BANPARÁ, as it was being confused with other financial institutions. The change allowed a more immediate association of the Bank with our state.

São Braz Branch - 1981

In 2016, Banpará considered the idea and focused on implementing a fully digital platform, in order to adjust to the new and modern ways of interacting with its customers. This unit is structured with terminals capable of providing video conference services and on-line transactions, in addition to featuring a second space, with an operational desk activated through biometrics and glass panels with virtual film actuation technology. This is Brazil’s first fully digital unit.

Digital Branch - 2017

Since 2011, when the expansion plan for the State began, Banpará has adopted measures to get closer to the population of Pará, continually opening new units mainly in the interior of the State. The bank went from 93 to 160 units, between branches, service points and displaced boxes at the end of 2018. During this period, the number of municipalities covered by Banpará increased from 55 to 100, resulting in the current reach of 88% of the state population of Pará.

Banpará is currently fighting for its space in the financial market, with competitive advantages and highly committed to help the state grow. It is a modern Bank, deeply embedded in the lives of Paraná people, providing dignified services and helping leverage all businesses, from small to large.